Free Seminars - Tax Shelters and the CRA

As a service to participants in the tax shelters listed below, we are organizing another series of Free Seminars across Canada sponsored by Justice Trading.   As a result of the recent PGC initiative to form a Class of Members to defend themselves in Tax Court for the 4 programs listed below,  these seminars will now add the following topics:
*  Why Do I Need to Join the PGC Class Defence?
*  What Qualifications Do I Need to Join? 
*  How Do I Register for the Class?
*  Why Do We Have to Go to Tax Court?
*  How to Have the Best Chance Possible to Keep Your Tax Refunds.
*  The Solution to the Problems the Companies Below have Created
  •   COIP- Canadian Organization for International Philanthropy.
  •   RLG- Relief Lending Group Ltd.
  •   MLF- Mission Life Financial Inc.
  •   PGI- Pharma Gifts International Inc.

Pre-Registration is Required. If you wish to see and register for any of our scheduled events, please click on the Link Below.   Each seminar runs approx 2 hrs.


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