Directory Of Service Providers

Profitable Giving Canada (PGC)  provides Members with a directory of service providers that offer services in the area of PGC's Mission and are accredited by PGC.  PGC has no commercial relationship with any of these entities, however, has subjected them to the PGC accreditation process.  This list is short at present, however, interested service providers are welcomed to apply to PGC for inclusion on the directory.

PGC Accredited Service Providers
(alphabetical order)


Justice Pharma
The Justice Pharma program is the only known debt settlement program that can compliantly settle donation debts with the COIP, RLG, MLF, and PGI tax shelters.   Details are shown on the PGC Endorsement page of this website.  You can contact Justice at    You can also review a Legal Opinion on the program.