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Robert Allen    January 23, 2016

The CRA has finally started to issue tax assessments for those tax returns from 2012 , 2013, and 2014 that were previously on hold as a result of the CRA's  GTS Policy.  For many people, the situation is confusing and they don't know what to do.   For those who receive an assessment and their donation is denied,  it is very important to file your Notice of Objection within 90 days!.  To assist those taxpayers,  I have prepared a Taxpayer Alert with instructions.  Read More...

Robert Allen    August 7, 2014

The Minister of National Revenue is responsible to oversee the Canada Revenue Agency and make sure it's processes and protocols treat taxpayers fairly and in accordance with the law and the Taxpayers' Bill of Rights.    Why then, is the current Minister ignoring direction set by the Federal Court on two occasions.   Read More


Paul Lauzon   July 8, 2015

There’s been some confusion relative to the LPA (Limited Power of Attorney and Directive letter) being requested by Justice Trading Ltd (JT) as mentioned in their recent Justice Update.  Hopefully in this note I can clarify things for you.  Read More

Robert Allen    Mar 6, 2015

The CRA has been issuing settlement offers to taxpayers for their participation in the GLGI program as well as some other programs.  As a partilcipant myself, I have done a thorough review of the offer and have decided my course of action.   Read More


Paul Lauzon   Dec 5, 2014

Do you think it's possible that the CRA has an algorithm built into their protocols to extract more tax from law abiding taxpayers than they are entitled to?    I certainly do!   Read More

Robert Allen   Dec 4, 2014

As opposed to tax evasion,  tax avoidance is lawful in Canada.   Even the Federal Government employees' Pension Board uses tax avoidance.   So why doe the CRA pick on lawful gifting arrangement tax avoidance programs and leave their own pensions alone?     Read More

Paul Lauzon  Sept 5, 2014

Are you paying your Accountant to work for the CRA?    Some Accountants and financial advisors seem to want you to pay more tax than you need to, following the CRA public relations campaigns rather than researching facts and lawful methods of tax reduction.....   Read More

Charles Rotenberg    August 30, 2014

Everything Old is New Again.....   Charles Rotenberg, an Ottawa tax consultant,  has written a series of articles for the Canadian Taxpayer and they are published here again with permission.  Part 3 is very relevant to the current PGC advocacy with CRA.    Read Part 1     Read Part 2    Read Part 3

Paul Lauzon  June 6, 2014

During out cross country seminar trips, we come across many stories from donors who have been unwittingly misled or misunderstood the program they participated in.  In Saskatchewan recently, we heard of a truly sad story we want to share.....   Read More.

Robert Allen   November 21, 2013

Over the last 10 months, the Office of the Minister of National Revenue has continually refused to take a position on the practice of the CRA, Winnipeg Tax Office  withholding the Assessments of hundreds, if not thousands of taxpayer’s 2012 Income Tax Returns. This has caused serious consequential hardships for many people....  Read More

Paul Lauzon    October 18, 2013

The CRA has relented a small amount in their pursuit of CHT donors, but now CHT themselves seem to have thrown in the towel.   I feel this abandonment of donors, just at the critical time, is a slippery slope to the Industry's demise.  But yet there is hope!   Read More

Robert Allen   October 16, 2013

In light of the recent CRA offer to settle the Canadian Humanitarian Trust (CHT)  tax shelter dispute, I am taking a second look at my own participation in Profitable Giving.    Having been on both sides of the fence,  a former CRA auditor  and a Canadian taxpayer,  I  am taking a second look at the overall situation.   Read More

Paul Lauzon   Aug 12, 2013

Profitable Giving Canada has thousands of subscribers using its services and information, yet only hundreds of fee paying Members.   Why is this?   Why should you as a donor or subscriber become a Member of PGC?   Read More

Robert Allen   June 28, 2013

The Harper Government had created a new right for the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, but according to the Taxpayers' Ombudsman, the CRA continues to violate the taxpayers' existing rights.   In my 37 years, both as a CRA employee and now dealing with CRA as an Income Tax Consultant,  I  am finding similar situations.   Read More

David Whidden May 7, 2013      Added Post Script  October 4, 2013

The RPGAs under PGC investigation are really creating a huge amount of confusion for the average person. I have just now settled my 2008 donation debt compliantly and I am providing as simple a testimonial to the process that I possibly can.   Read More

Paul Lauzon May 1, 2013

The CRA has issued notice of intention to withhold the issuing of notices of assessment for participants in registered gifting arrangements until such time as the audit of the arrangement is completed. This could mean a delay of years in getting the assessment and associated refund. Read More