Integrated RM Inc

There are actually two companies created by The Group of tax shelters under investigation by PGC.   The first one is Integrated Receivables Management Inc, an Ontario corporation.   The second Ontario corporation is Integrated RM Inc.   The creation of these two companies has created a lot of confusion for the people they are contacting.   PGC has issued a Warning Alert regarding these two companies.

Integrated RM Inc (IRM)  is the company that remains actively pursuing and contacting COIP, RLG, MLF, and PGI donors.   IRM is a registered and authorized Collection Agency that has been contracted to collect the interest and principal debts that is owed to these tax shelter companies.   They do have the legal right to collect on these debts and this is very alarming to many donors.   Nobody ever envisioned that their credit score and financail stability could be jeopardized by participating in one of these tax shelters.

The manager at Integrated RM Inc is Blair Wright.  Mr Wright has been sending emails from [email protected] attempting to collect money from donors.   In March 2015, he started communications regarding the Notice of Objections offered by Mission Life Financial for the CRA 2011 reassessments.  PGC disagrees with the advice being offered.  More details can be found on our Mission Life webpage.

Based on the initial contracts originally signed by donors,  PGC  feels that IRM will become more and more aggressive in their debt collection activities.   There are very few things that can be done to stop this collection activity.   PGC strongly recommends against paying any money to IRM or for any of the settlement offers being presented by IRM.   Doing so will be very detrimental to the donors final CRA tax position for the reasons described in the PGC Technical Bulletins and Alerts.

The only way to stop the debt collector is to settle the debt in a compliant manner, both under contract law and tax law.   The Justice Pharma program is the only known method that PGC is aware of at present.

Anyone who would like to have an update and the most current information available on the Integrated RM Inc  wrong doings and the bad advice being offered is invited to come to one of our Free Seminars.   PGC has been putting on Free Seminars and Information Sessions across Canada for several years now.