Universal Participant Protection Fund

The Universal Participant Protection Fund is a fund set up and administered by the PGC Finance Committee for the benefit of Member participants in any particular RPGA, tax shelter program, or other Fourth Sector initiative.   It is important to note the following about the fund.

1.  Monies from the fund are made available only to a Group of individuals 25 or greater in  number.  The Group must have formed independently and meet the funding criteria.  The Group will be registered by PGC as an "Authorized PGC Group".  Group Members must also be PGC Members in good standing.

2.  The use of the funds is usually not managed by PGC or it's executive, the responsibility for use and management of the funds provided is up to the Group who applies.   The Group, however, will have access to the full support of PGC and access to consult with any of its appropriate Committees.

3.  The funds are available on a "first come first serve" basis and only up to the limit of the funds that are available.   The fund will be replenished as new revenues are achieved or as directed by the Finance Committee.   Group members , however, are also free to supplement the funds if needed.   PGC makes no guarantee that funds will be available for any anticipated application.

Contact Us   to apply for funds from the UPPF.