PGC Operating Committees

PGC has structured itself such that most work is done by Committees. These Committees are formed to execute the elements of the 3 Step Plan to regulate the Industry and fulfil our Mission. The Committees are listed below with a brief description of their mandates and the presently serving Committee Chairperson.   Click the  Committee's Link  for a short biography.

Executive Committee   Chair:  Jaye Torley MBA, PGS

This Committee is composed of PGC Directors and is responsible for the day to day management of the organization, including the supervision of the officers and the other Committees. It is elected/confirmed by the full board of PGC Directors at the annual meeting and serves for a one year term unless confirmed to an ongoing term(s).

Advocacy and Response  Committee    Chair:  Mary Louise Skinner  BA

This Committee is formed to provide positive advocacy on behalf of Fourth Sector initiatives and responses to issues raised that may be detrimental to these initiatives. This Committee reports to the Executive Committee.

Provincial Affairs Committees     Chairs:   See Committee Link

These Committees (one in each province) are created to manage the day to day affairs that exist due to geographical considerations. These Committees have a high degree of autonomy, but report to the Executive Committee.

Peer Review Board Committee   Chair:  John Remesz   PGS

This Committee is composed of Industry experts, professionals, and other individuals who have a mandate to review all paid material provided by PGC for the accuracy of its content. It is independent of the Board of Directors, but reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Membership and Fundraising Committee    Chair:   Beverly Campbell

This Committee is formed to promote and recruit membership in PGC as well as its Committees. Additionally, the Committee is responsible for recruitment of Sponsors, donations, and other forms of fundraising. The Membership Committee reports to the Executive Committee.

Finance Committee   Chair:  David A Whidden   P Eng  PGS

This Committee is chaired by the PGC Treasurer and is created to advise the Executive Committee on the appropriate use of PGC funds, such as the Universal Participant Protection Fund. This Committee reports to the Board of Directors.

Compliance and Disciplinary Committee    Chair:   Bruce D Allen  BBA (Fin), BBE, PGS

This Committee is responsible to ensure internal compliance of other Committee members as well as respond to reported abuse from the public in an area covered by PGC's mandate.  This Committee also handles PGC Investigations when necessary or appropriate.  This Committee reports to the Board of Directors.

Donor Affairs Committee   Chair:   Open at Present

This Committee is formed to deal with issues brought up by Donors. This Committee acts as liason with donor members as the initial contact point and either handles the issue or transfers it to one of the other Committees.  The Donor Affairs Committee reports to the Executive Committee.

Programs Committee    Chair:  Open at Present

This Committee is responsible for creating and establishing the PGC programs offered to members as well as to the general public.  Suggestions for new programs are encouraged. Please use the Contact Us link.

Legal Affaris Committee    Chair:   Shy Kurtz  LLB  BCL

This Committee is comprised of legal and tax professionals who provide consultation to the PGC Executive Committee.  This is not PGC counsel, however, it provides ongoing advice on matters relating to daily activities within PGC's opeating mission.  This Committee can also provide advice to the Compliance and Disciplinary Committee, as well as any other Committee asking for it.   This Committee reports to the Board of Directors.

Each Committee is created by the PGC Board of Directors and its members must apply to the Board and receive approval from the Board. The Board also has the authority to remove members at its discretion. Although each Committee is established by the Board, many of them report to the Executive Committee for their day to day operations.  Click the  Committee's Link  for a short biography.


PGC is now accepting applications for a variety of important positions and tasks. Please contact us for more details on how you can participate.