Pharma Gifts International

The Pharma Gifts International tax shelter donation program was created in early 2012, primarily for the Alberta market where MLF became prohibited by Securities Law.   Pharma Gifts International, or  PGI,  was run by the same group of people as COIP, RLG, and MLF, so it is not surprising that PGI ended up with the same complaints and accusations that aflicted the other companies.   PGI has been called a scam and fraud and there is evidence to support some of this is true. 

As a result of the Member Complaints,  PGC initiated an Investigation into the PGI donation program and combined it with the others in the Group.  You can see the Interim Report HERE.

The Pharma Gifts International Donation program was also one of the first "open market" structured programs that met all of the proposed amendments to the Income Tax Act that were eventually passed into law in June 2014.   Because of this,  participants still have one of the best opportunities possible to maintain their tax credits, in spite of the scam and allegations of wrongdoing.

Anyone who would like to have an update and the most current information available on the Pharma Gifts International scam is invited to come to one of our Free Seminars.   PGC has been putting on Free Seminars and Information Sessions across Canada for several years now.