Profitable Giving For You!

Crowd Funding is one of the most effective and simplest ways for individuals and organizations to raise funds for their personal or business needs.   We hear of it all the time on the news.   Funds raised can be used for just about any  Crowd Funding is a very unique and effective program. With Impact101,  the donor actually can benefit by receiving donations back that are 3 times greater than the donation he/she made.   It’s another form of Profitable Giving! 

Here are some short instruction videos on how to join with us.  Make sure you use the Profitable website to click JOIN

How to register an account:  

How to select your donation grids:

How to set up how you get paid:

How to make a Paypal donation:



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We can show you how to make a Profitable Gift for you!

You only need to know 2 Interested People to Get Started.