RPGA Regulation

Profitable Giving Canada (PGC) welcomes all Canadian tax shelter gifting arrangements and registered profitable gifting arrangements (RPGAs) to opt into and participate in Canada's first ever system of social regulation.  By submitting to PGC jurisdiction, you are not only proving your commitment to promoting responsibly, you are also facilitating the Canadian public to engage in a transparent process of due diligence.  This will contribute to strengthening the industry as a whole by not only creating barriers against rogue promoters, and preventing promoter abuses, but also by preventing unfound allegations of promoter abuse.  Participating in this regulatory framework will provide you and your authorized distributors with a distinct advantage to out-compete other non-participating programs, and it will afford a multitude of valuable protections and cost savings in the sales, audit, and judicial processes.
The process involves the following 3 aspects:
1) Registration
The RPGA must provide proof of active tax shelter Identification numbers, including activity and expiry dates, and the exact name that applied for and received the number.
2) Disclosure
Registrants must disclose their policy pertaining to the qualifications of their authorized representatives and promoters that deal with the general public.  PGC provides a questionnaire to be answered in this regard.   For example; Does the RPGA require all promoters to be accredited by PGC as Profitable Giving Specialists?
3) Ongoing filing/submissions
Any and all promotional material, contracts, application forms, etc that are intended for public use or distribution must be submitted to PGC.    The material will be categorized, and divided as "Active" or "Archived", with the RPGA registrant responsible to keep the information current.  Additionallly, the RPGA may wish to use this forum to present statements of facts or other information they may deem appropriate for the public.
The fee for this RPGA social regulation framework through PGC is $10,000 per year of registration or as negotiated with PGC.
Please apply here and we will send you the application form.