Call for Action - Stop the CRA from Withholding 2012 Tax Assessments

Our Call of Action has now changed to legal action.   PGC is funding a first ever class action mandamus application to Federal Court on behalf of Members who have their 2012 tax returns held by CRA. 
Members are encouraged to continue the complaint process directly to the Minister of National Revenue, especially if you have personal distress caused by her inaction.  You can contact her below:
The Honourable Kerry-Lynne Findlay  QC
Minister of National Revenue
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
Telephone:   613-992-2957
Fax:  613-992-3589
email:  [email protected]  
Robert Allen has written another letter to the Minister of National Revenue.  You can see it below and here.

The Minister has received 100's of complaints already, including one from Robert G Allen, Income Tax Consultant, on behalf of a client.   The Minister has responded, but failed to address the issue properly.  It appears she simply referred the taxpayer back to the original CRA department he was complaining about. 

Below are copies of the Minister's Letter and a response to her from Mr Allen, along with copies of most of the PGC correspondence and some Member correspondence.   It appears the Minister is now treating our correspondence as a "Campaign" and will not respond to individual complaints.   This does not mean we should not continue to communicate.