Why Should I Become a Member of PGC?


August 12, 2013

As a donor, why should I be a PGC (Profitable Giving Canada) Member?

This is a question whose answer takes on many forms depending on what is important to a particular individual and their individual priorities and values.

I have an idealistic viewpoint that is very important to my values and beliefs where RPGA’s really do make the difference between life and death. The success of this industry wherein compared to any other charitable giving method is far above and beyond in both amount given and percentage received.

Perhaps I have a more personal self-interest wherein I would like to reduce the taxes I pay legally by doing good, while at the same time giving myself that extra cash flow which makes the difference in being able to get a handle on perhaps excess debt or cover necessary expenses beyond my earnings and control – or a myriad of other very viable financial needs. As such, the success of the industry is essential for my continuance to move forward supporting our economy, business, and ultimately the country by being a productive individual rather than a drag on it.

Perhaps I believe so strongly in the aims and objectives of the Global Phenomenon known as the “Fourth Economic Sector” that I need to show my support for a more compliant and regulated industry with rules, ethics and various protections for all participants including a harmonious compliant partnership with CRA and Government.

But perhaps in addition to the above and more currently regarding the scandal around the Debt Settlements is the ability to participate in the UPPF (Universal Participant Protection Fund) and have PGC defend my tax credits and my donor rights now and in the future rather than doing it on my own. As is proving to be the case, RGA programs NOT regulated by PGC will unlikely be there to defend me in the future when I really need it.


Compared to the size of my Tax Credits at risk, which are in the thousands of dollars, a $100 membership fee – all of which goes into the UPPF - is a pittance for this security that I require. In many cases, this costs less than a night out on the town.

Simply said, “If it’s not worth fighting for – it’s not worth having.” That’s the issue with civil rights, freedoms and democracy. It constantly has to be defended. That means dedication, involvement, and most of all – support.

We all have a vested interest in shaping and protecting the future of our industry. However, whether you’re wanting:

  • your 2012 refunds sooner than later, or
  • have higher aims and values or
  • desire a better run and compliant industry, we need membership!

We need you to be a member and you need to be a member. Do this now and make yourself count for our future as an industry and its many benefits to you and all participants. It’s our membership who makes us viable and able to remain so. Don’t be afraid to be a part of the solution.

Paul Lauzon, CFP, CHFC, CLU, EPC, PGS