Conversation with the CRA Winnipeg Office

I spoke to Franca Caligiuri of the Winnipeg CRA office today, August 21, 2013.  I asked her if she was going to respond to my letter that her office received on July 17, 2013.  I explained that I replied to the the letter I was sent by the CRA asking me to waive my rights to using my 2012 donation.  I asked when I can expect an answer to my letter and she said that I would not be receiving a response and that there was a communication coming out at some point from Ottawa regarding all the people who have had their refunds withheld.  I asked when this was to happen and she would not give me a time frame.  I asked when I can expect to have my tax return assessed and she told me it could be up to 2 years and that this was a national decision and that I should write to Andrew Treusch in Ottawa if I wanted an answer.  I reminded her that the court case says that she cannot withhold my tax return to dissuade me from participating in a tax shelter, she ignored my point from the court case and said that until the tax shelter was reviewed that they would not assess my tax return.  I told her this was unacceptable but she just continued to tell me to write to my MP and to the Commissioner of Revenue.  I told her that it was not the commissioner or my MP that was withholding my refund and that in fact it was her office that was doing this.  She again reiterated it was a national policy.    I think it is time to get this thing moving in the right direction as I feel that our campaign is falling on deaf ears, please let me know what can be done to solve this issue?

Irritated PGC Member