Alerts and Technical Bulletins

This page links to all of the PGC Alerts and Technical Bulletins issued by any of the authorized PGC Committees.   Alerts are sent out to Members whenever something of importance regarding Member affairs occurs and time is important.   Alerts are not generally available to the General Public on the website, however, due to certain recent events, we have temporarily made everything public.

Technical Bulletins are usually issued by PGC Committees who have studied a topic of interest and wish to communicate their detailed findings to Members. 

2013 Alerts

A13-10   Certain RPGA Programs Collecting Twice on Donation Debts         View Alert

A13-11   Certain RPGA Programs Misleading their Donors                          View Alert

A13-12   Beware of Integrated Receivables Management Inc                        View Alert

A13-13    Accusations Towards PGC of Identity Theft and Wrongdoing          View Alert

A13-14   Beware of the Mission Life Financial Settlement Offers                   View Alert

A13-15   Beware of the Tax Advice from the Fast Track Group                      View Alert

2014 Alerts

A14-10   Beware of Integrated RM, Inc                                                       View Alert

A14-11   Beware of Events Coming - Autumn  2014                                     View Alert

2013  Technical Bulletins

T13-10   "Authorized Vendors"  - Doing Your Due Diligence                          View Bulletin

T13-11   Compliant Debt Settlement  - Maintaining a Valid Tax Position         View Bulletin

T13-12   Maintaining a Valid Tax Position  -  RG Allen Narrative                    View Bulletin